A Tribute To Lawrence Whelan 

Lawrence Whelan was born to parents Emily and William Whelan on August 10, 1953 in Rockville Centre, New York. Larry was an individual of extraordinary talent, energy, and persistence with a passion for life. Larry was an extremely bright, hard-working individual with a strong dedication to his wife, Deborah of 35 years, his children, Jacqueline and Matthew, his grandchildren, Christopher, William, Alice, Henry, George, and Greta.  He also maintained an undeniable dedication to charitable organizations, with an affable personality combined with a genuine interest in the well being of others. He was not simply respected, but loved by friends from all walks of life.


Larry "Buddd" Whelan was a committed supporter of organizations providing services to those of lesser means and limited opportunities. During his lifetime, he donated enormous sums of his time, energy, resources and passion to help others improve their conditions, or simply to bring happiness to them. The Whelan Foundation was formed with his wife before his passing, and will continue to carry on their vision and commitment to Long Island.