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The Whelan Foundation 

PO Box 2232 Halesite, NY 11743

Scholarships/Student Loan Debt Reduction

The Whelan Foundation’s mission is to award grants to support the higher educational goals of its recipients. It is our goal to equalize opportunities for recipients on Long Island that are normally denied them because of cost.


The Whelan Foundation believes that everyone should have the chance to succeed.


Applications must be postmarked by March 30, 2020

Our Student Loan Debt Reduction Program will provide assistance to those already teaching in the special needs arena and demonstrate financial need.

To apply please download the Requirement Form, Scholarship Application and the Recommendation Form which are listed below...

Harrison Konanaur

2019 SLDR Recipient

Christina Restivo

2018 SLDR Recipient

Bianca Sagliocca

2018 SLDR Recipient

Alina Florez

2018 SLDR Recipient

Christian Jovel-Arias

2017 SLDR Receipient

Nicole DeVito

2017 SLDR Recipient

Shelia Dempsey

2017 SLDR Recipient

Kayla Ilowite

2017 SLDR Recipient

Antoinette Timmerman

2015 SLDR Receipient

Daniel Morgan

2012 SLDR Recipient

Maggie Trotter 2012

2012 SLDR Recipient

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