Welcome! Founded in 2008 by Lawrence and Deborah Whelan, the purpose of the Whelan Foundation is to provide funding and support to not-for-profit organizations across Long Island.  We offer a scholarship program for students attending college studying special education and has further expanded our mission to help students with disabilities dramatically improve the level of educational success.
Mission Statement
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This foundation is predicated on specific values:

Youth Focused
Many of our efforts are focused on providing funding and volunteer services to organizations that cater to our young people. As sponsors, or hands-on counselors, the members of the Whelan Foundation are dedicated to providing for all aspects of the needs of the island’s youth.

Direct Benefits
Our business model requires that organizations seeking funding from the Whelan Foundation must direct a minimum 80% of receipts and revenues directly to program services. Whelan Foundation Board Members participate on a volunteer basis, and we prefer that our funded recipients follow the same model.

Volunteer Leadership
The Whelan Foundation Board Members consist of both Whelan Family members, and unrelated and independent associates. We share a common belief that the world can be made a better place if people take the time to involve themselves in their communities to make it so. Each board member has committed to charitable endeavors meaningful to them, and are involved in activities that will make a difference to the recipient organization and its constituents. Activities may include fundraising, attendance at events and participation in programs that have a direct benefit to the selected organization. We strive to lead by example, to encourage our friends and family to become involved, and to help those less fortunate than ourselves. 
The Whelan Foundation is now partnering with Hofstra University and their PAL program. Click the link for more information Whelan Foundation / Hofstra University